Frequently asked questions

What size is the TukTuk?

The TukTuk is 3 metres by 1.5 metres, it fits through most double doors as well as into most marquees, barns and halls.

What if it’s raining and the TukTuk doesn’t fit inside?

We have a small gazebo that we can set up over the van and ourselves and we can position ourselves right at the entrance, or up against the entrance forming a small lobby area.

Do you serve other alcohol apart from Prosecco & gin?

Absolutely, please let us know if you would like to combine our fizz & or gin with other drinks of choice; beer for example. A license is not specific as to which alcohol can be served. 

What if we need more than 3 hours hire?

From experience it usually doesn’t take more than 3 hours to finish a barrel of bubbly but this is of course dependent on number of guests and of course the time gets extended if more than 1 barrel is bought. We will tailor the hire time accordingly.

How many glasses of bubbly do I need for my guests?

We would advise to allow for 1 drink per guest every half an hour. For example for a wedding reception of an hour and a half we would recommend 2 – 3 drinks per person.

Do you need an electricity supply?

We only require 1 plug socket and we bring a long extension cord with us so as to allow for more flexibility on where we are located.

What if I underestimate and we run out of drink?

We always carry an extra keg and bottles of Prosecco with us to all events to avoid this happening. In this situation if the drinks were pre-paid then we can post invoice for any addional items.

What licenses are required?

We have our personal licence and we apply for an occasional licence for each event that we attend.

What should I check with my venue/ caterer?

We always advise that you double check with your venue & your caterer to make sure that they are happy with us coming along to provide our service and whether they will charge any additional corkage. We are also happy to speak to them on your behalf.

How fast does the TukTuk go ?

Juniper can reach speeds of 25-30 mph, but so that we don't annoy other road users too much - we pop her on a trailer and tow her to events and back.