Festival Prosecco Bar Hire

We may be a little biased, but we believe that every festival & event should have a Prosecco van. Our festival Prosecco bar is available for events large or small. We are a definite crowd pleaser and not being a full bar set up we compliment other full event bars with our fizz on tap offering. 

‘Juniper’ the TukTuk measures 1.5 metres wide by 3 metres long, so we often allow for a set up option of inside a marquee or venue as well as outside. We tend to keep it simple at large events; serving sparkling Frizzante wine on tap & bottles of Prosecco with the option of gin & bubbly cocktails, using locally sourced gin liqueurs. 

We do however tailor our Festival Prosecco Bar to each event and can expand our menu. We offer a gin bar with a selection of gins to work alongside other traders or local businesses. We have also offered hot mulled gin, which goes down exceptionally well over the winter months. We also have a second tap in place to allow for a beer option, pre mixed cocktail or Pimms on tap if needed.

We charge by the glass or we are happy to integrate into a wristband / token payment system if required.

We have all the relevant insurance, health & safety and licensing paperwork and can apply for the occasional event license when necessary.