Juniper the Gin & Prosecco van

Tipple in a TukTuk is a sister company to View from the Slow Lane both based in Scotland and run by husband & wife team, Colin & Sammy. Already owning a fleet of quirky, classic vehicles meant that ‘Juniper’ the gin & Prosecco van felt right at home. 

‘Juniper’ the tuk tuk is a converted 3-wheeled Piaggio Apé van; measuring 1.5 metres by 3 metres, she is small enough to fit into most event spaces, marquees or even your back garden (we’re happy to dismantle fences on request!).

Being in the wedding industry we often hear the question ‘What entertainment should I get for our drinks reception?’ now if you ask any of your guests if they would rather more drinks at the bar or an entertaining act, I am pretty sure we know what the answer would be.  A gin & Prosecco van ticks both boxes; Juniper is not only a tailored mobile bar option for reception drinks, be it at a wedding or private party but she is entertainment in herself, it is not often you get to ‘pull a Prosecco’.

Being from Kenya, Sammy was practically raised on gin & tonics, thanks to an old wives tale about keeping malaria at bay. Combine the above with our love for all the new, small batch gins popping up nearly weekly in Scotland alone, together with a rather alcohol fuelled family effort on name suggestions, and Tipple in a TukTuk the Scottish gin & Prosecco van was born.

Our gin and Prosecco van setup at House of Turin, available for private gin tastings with gins from around Scotland
Fizz poured from our gin & Prosecco van available around Scotland.

The Bubbly & The Prosecco

Our Prosecco van serves flash cooled Frizzante on tap, a lightly sparkling wine from a 20L keg. Each 20L keg serves on average 160 flutes of 125ml. 

Glera Frizzante is made 100% from the Prosecco/Glera grape, produced in the region of Veneto, following the strictest controls associated with all Prosecco wine. It is available in 75cl bottles and 20L kegs. While both formats contain the same Prosecco wine, Italian agricultural law stipulates that only the 75cl bottle can carry the ‘Prosecco' label, whilst kegs should be known by the Roman name of the Prosecco grape, ‘Glera'. This distinction has no influence on the quality or authenticity of the delicious, sparkling wine inside. 

The Scottish Gin

We supply a selection of locally produced gin from the ever-growing gin market in Scotland. From sweet to spicy; fruity to smoky; floral to herby; the varied gin profiles mean there is a gin for every palette. We offer event packages combining both gin & tonics & glasses of Prosecco, or cocktail packages (yup, that’s gin & Prosecco in the same glass) & popular at weddings is our ‘pimp your drink’ set up. Aside from drinks served from our gin & Prosecco van, we can also provide a handpicked Scottish gin tasting session, covering a selection of varieties and distillers from across Scotland which we can bring to a location of your choosing.

The Paperwork

Public liability insurance ✓

PAT tested electrical certificate ✓

Registered with the council ✓

Hygiene certificate ✓

Personal License holder ✓